Twitter finally reopens verification process

When you see the blue check on an account on Twitter, chances are you feel a bit more confident that the person or entity you’re talking to is legitimate. It’s been a while since Twitter has allowed accounts to be verified after people called them out for confusing and at times controversial policies. They previously announced that they were going back to the drawing board to fix the system and now finally, they’re reopening the verification process again for those who want to get that blue checkmark.

With the relaunch of the verification application, they’re also bringing new guidelines for verified accounts, following the “philosophy to lead by example”. They are also subject to the Twitter Rules that both verified and non-verified accounts have to abide by. And if you’re a verified account that continually and repeatedly violates those rules, the blue badge will eventually be removed from your account.

For those who are applying for the blue check to appear on their name, you must fit in one of the six categories that they have listed: Government, companies/brands/organizations, news organizations/journalists, entertainment, sports/gaming, and activists/organizers / other influential individuals. They will be adding new categories later this year including scientists, academics, and religious leaders.

Before you submit your application, you need to have a complete account including profile name, profile picture, and a confirmed email address or phone number. Your account needs to be active the past six months as well. The verification application will be found in the Account Settings tab which is rolling out now to users. After choosing your category, you need to submit either a government-issued ID, an official email address, or an official website.

After submitting the requirements, you can expect a response ranging from a few days up to a few weeks. Once approved, you’ll automatically see the blue badge. And if you’re rejected, you can always reapply 30 days after receiving the decision. Let the march of the blue badges begin!

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