The Oculus Link Headset Cable lets you play PCVR games on your Oculus Quest

Oculus released the official Oculus Link Headset Cable today. The fiber optic cable allows people to play PCVR games on their Oculus Quest through the new Oculus Link feature. The cable is not the only cable that will work with Oculus Link, but it should provide the best results as it is fast, flexible, and long enough to reach your PC easily.

Oculus Link allows you to play Oculus Rift titles on your Oculus Quest by connecting your gaming PC to the Oculus Quest. We went hands-on with Oculus Link back in September and were impressed. It greatly enhances the library of games available on the Oculus Quest and the versatility of the headset.

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The Oculus Link Headset Cable is 5 meters long and 4.6mm in diameter. It’s a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C active optical cable, so it can handle the speed demands of Oculus Link. It supports speeds up to 5 Gbps and has a 3A power supply.

The cable is available in the U.S. and some people report being able to order the cable in Canada as well. At this time, the cable seems to only be available in select countries.

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