T-Mobile CEO John Legere set to leave next year, new chief named

T-Mobile UnCarrier New CEO Mike Sievert

We didn’t see this one coming. T-Mobile’s beloved CEO is leaving. Don’t worry, it’s not because of anything bad. It’s only because it’s time for him to go. John Legere’s contract as CEO is only up to April 30, 2020. A replacement has been chosen in the person of Mike Sievert who is currently the President and COO of the company. By next year, T-Mobile will have a new chief. It is expected to be a new era for the Un-carrier.

John Legere is one rockstar CEO. He is one of our favorites here because of the fun ways he announces things and presents good news. Ever since he stepped in as CEO of T-Mobile, things have been great for the company. In the next few months, it will be a transition time for T-Mobile as Legere turns over his responsibilities to Sievert.

Legere won’t be leaving the network completely. He will still be part of the board. He will only step down for his position as CEO. Mike Sievert will then take over on May 1, 2020.

John Legere is looking to retire. He is still young but it’s time to give the “magenta CEO reigns” to another great guy. Sievert has long been loyal to T-Mobile. He was previously the Chief Marketing Officer before becoming COO and president.

The Un-Carrier campaign helped Legere become more popular in the industry. Instead of business suits, he would wear leather jackets and T-shirts. His honesty too made him a “disruptor” but in a good way.

The T-Mobile CEO shared the news of Sievert taking over next year via Twitter. Here’s what Legere has to say about the incoming CEO: “Mike is well prepared to lead T-Mobile into the future. He has a deep understanding of where T-Mobile has been and where it needs to go to remain the most innovative company in the industry. I am extremely proud of the culture and enthusiasm we have built around challenging the status quo and our ongoing commitment to putting customers first. Together, these attributes have distinguished T-Mobile in the marketplace and on Wall Street, giving us a powerful business advantage that is instilled throughout every level of T-Mobile. I am confident it will thrive under Mike’s leadership.”

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