Surprise: Clip Studio Paint is here, isn’t just a Galaxy Tab S7 exclusive

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A few somewhat confusing weeks are behind those of us who tried figuring out what’s the deal with the long-anticipated Android port of Clip Studio Paint. Namely, after Celsys confirmed its cult digital art tool (one of them, more specifically) is on its way to Android tablets, the company partnered with Samsung in supporting the launch of the Galaxy Tab S7 series, announcing the seminal Android version of Clip Studio Paint will be a timed exclusive of the company’s latest stylus-equipped tablets. That day has finally arrived as Clip Studio Paint just hit the Galaxy Apps store, and not as a Galaxy Tab S7 exclusive… wait, what?The best answer I can give you before receiving any word from Celsys itself is that this was always the plan but everyone just collectively shrugged after the entire digital art world reported Clip Studio Paint will debut on the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ before making its way to any other Android devices. Not only has that not come to pass, but you don’t even neeed either one of the new tablets to take advantage of that previously announced offer on a free six-month subscription to Studio Paint EX.This is all about the Galaxy Apps ecosystem itself, not the Galaxy Tab S7 rangeJust hit the Galaxy Apps store and enjoy yourself like Celsys and Samsung seem to be doing. Note that the promotion – available to anyone who can download the app, which we have confirmed works with devices at least as old as the 2018 Galaxy Note 9 – requires you to register an account with Celsys; guest accounts simply launching the app and doodling away won’t be able to do that for longer than an hour per day, which is similar to how Clip Studio Paint works on iOS.Speaking of those similarities, the app is also available on select smartphone models, though you’d be hard-pressed to find an artist willing to draw with just their fingers for any meaningful period of time. In other words: go with Note or do not. Seriously, you’ll be punished with more terrible puns if you do, and you’ll still have cramps afterwards.And if you’re an artist on the lookout for a new drawing tablet that tolerates more than just your technique, the newly released Galaxy Tab S7+ – and the Galaxy Tab S7, to a smaller extent – are by far the best options money can currently buy on the Android side of things – check out our in-depth Galaxy Tab S7+ review for more details.Download Clip Studio Paint from Galaxy Store

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