Super fast charging confirmed for the Galaxy Fold 2

2019 was a year of many firsts for Galaxy smartphones, and that included the jump to faster charging speeds. Samsung introduced what it calls super fast charging last year with the Galaxy S10 5G. The company’s first 5G-equipped phone could draw 25W of power from the bundled charger, and the super fast charging tech can also be found on the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Everyone now expects Samsung to offer 25W fast charging on every flagship smartphone, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the same will be seen on the Galaxy Fold 2 as well.Confirmation on the Galaxy Fold 2’s support for super fast charging comes from code found inside the Galaxy Note 9’s Android 10 firmware, as discovered by the folks over at XDA Developers. A charging animation file named “bloom_front_charging_effect_superfast” was discovered in the firmware; “bloom” has been rumored to be the codename for Samsung’s upcoming clamshell foldable phone, and the combination of the words ‘bloom’ and ‘superfast’ seems to be a pretty clear indication that the Fold 2 will have 25W fast charging.On the Galaxy Note 10+, the super fast charging tech can charge the phone at a maximum of 45W, but we’re assuming the Fold 2 will max out at 25W. That’s because the Fold 2 is expected to have a rather small battery as far as the current standard for smartphone battery sizes are concerned. One of the device’s two batteries has a capacity of just 900 mAh, and though the other battery could be considerably larger, the overall battery capacity is likely to be under 3,000 mAh owing to the clamshell form factor.

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