Snag these affordable, last-minute gifts for the Windows lover in your life

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It’s the holidays! Need ideas for gifts for your loved ones (or even yourself)? We’ve rounded up the best affordable gifts for Windows lovers this holiday, ranging Microsoft’s entire lineup of first party accessories such as the Surface Pro Type Cover and more.

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You can’t go wrong with Microsoft’s unique Arc Mobile Mouse, featuring a special “flex” design that allows the device to lay down completely flat when you’re not using it. The entire back of the mouse can snap and fold flat, which means you can fit it into a pocket or backpack with ease. It also features a large glass touch area on the front for left and right click, as well as scrolling.

$50 at Amazon

Know someone who has been working from home this year? They might be in need of a new desktop keyboard and mouse, and one that helps them ergonomically. Microsoft’s Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse set is the perfect match for them, featuring a split in the middle for easier typing on the keyboard, and a uniquely sculptured mouse design for comfortable use.

$60 at Amazon

Perhaps you’re looking for a keyboard that looks a little cleaner. The Designer Compact Keyboard from Microsoft features an elegant, slim, contemporary design with wonderful keys for a great typing experience. It’s Bluetooth, and features Windows 10’s new dedicated Emoji key for quick access to emoji and the Windows 10 Clipboard.

$60 at Amazon

Maybe you want to play a few games this holiday? The new Xbox Controller for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Windows 10 PCs is a great choice. It features a new texture on the grips and triggers for a better feeling in the hand, as well as a new share button so you can instantly share great gaming moments with your friends.

$60 at Amazon

Got a Surface? You absolutely need a Surface Pen to make the most of it. With a Surface Pen, you can write, draw and annotate directly on your screen with digital ink, turning your Surface into a canvas that’s limited only by your creativity!

$72 at Amazon

If you or a friend have a Surface Pro, you should absolutely grab yourself a Type Cover to enhance your experience. A Type Cover turns your Surface Pro from a tablet into an excellent laptop, with a great keyboard for typing and a large trackpad for cursor control.

$99 at Amazon


The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a great holiday gift as it’s unique, stylish, and incredibly useful. You also can’t go wrong with an Xbox Controller, as long as the person you’re giving the controller to is a gamer, of course.

This holiday, you can also grab yourself a Surface Pro Type Cover, turning your tablet into a powerful laptop capable of writing word documents and emails. You can get it in several colors, and there are “premium” Alcantara ones available with a better texture to them.

Finally, the Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse set is a great gift for the home worker in your life. They’ll appreciate the comfortable typing experience and mouse usage, designed especailly to prolong RSI so you can type without pain.

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