Sign the petition for a new Galaxy Note flagship in 2022

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For the first time in about a decade, there’s not going to be a new Galaxy Note flagship. This is something that Samsung fans are not too happy about. The Galaxy Note series has a very loyal fanbase, the kind that doesn’t really want to switch to another device.

Samsung has confirmed that it won’t be launching a new Galaxy Note device in 2021. It hasn’t said that the Galaxy Note series is being discontinued. However, with the S Pen expanding to more devices, some fans are worried that this is what the company might end up doing.

So there’s a petition now calling on Samsung to launch a new Galaxy Note flagship in the first half of 2022. You might think where the device would fit in Samsung’s release schedule given that the Galaxy S22 series will be there. To some, it might sound like a crazy idea but what if Samsung skips the Galaxy S22 series in H1 2022 and launches new Galaxy Note devices instead?

Either way, in order to keep some of its most loyal fans happy, Samsung must launch a new Galaxy Note device next year. Sign the petition now and show Samsung that the Galaxy Note loyalists mean business!

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