Samsung’s best-selling phone in the US last quarter isn’t one you’d expect

Samsung launched some of its best smartphones in the first quarter of this year. The entire Galaxy S20 lineup set the tone for 2020 flagship launches. Samsung also wowed with the Galaxy Z Flip, a clamshell foldable smartphone that has been well received.However, none of these devices were among Samsung’s best-selling phones in the United States last quarter. The answer might actually surprise you.It wasn’t one from the Galaxy S20 seriesCounterpoint Research’s latest report highlights that smartphone sales declined 21 percent year-over-year in the United States this past quarter compared to Q1 2019. This is largely due to the COVID19 pandemic which had started causing disruptions since the start of the year. With states gradually issuing stay-at-home orders, carriers and retailers saw foot traffic decline and that impacted overall smartphone sales.While Apple only saw a 13 percent decline in sales during Q1 2020 compared to last year, Samsung’s sales were down 23 percent, according to the research firm. It didn’t help that the Galaxy S20 series got off to a slow start and the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic not too long after it hit the market.Many analysts are now of the view that the Galaxy S20 series may not be able to outsell its predecessor. The Galaxy Z Flip is too much of a niche device and has been made available in limited quantities, so it couldn’t really be Samsung’s best-selling phone of the quarter.As always, the iPhone leads the list of top five smartphones by sales during the quarter. The iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR take the first three spots respectively. The Galaxy A10e was Samsung’s top and the fourth overall best-selling smartphone in the country this past quarter. It’s trailed by the Galaxy A20 in fifth place.This is the first quarter that devices from the affordable Galaxy A series have made it to the top five sellers list. Samsung has taken notice of this shift in consumer behavior and launched its 2020 Galaxy A series in the United States. It’s even bringing 5G models of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, giving customers who want to experience 5G without paying through the nose for a flagship device more affordable options.It goes without saying that the pandemic is going to have a negative impact on smartphone sales going forward as well. People will be wary about spending more money than what’s necessary on a smartphone in these times, as livelihoods come under threat for millions. In such an environment, the more affordable options may continue to outsell Samsung’s premium devices.

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