Samsung TV Plus reportedly coming to Galaxy devices

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When choosing a new smartphone, what would make you go with Samsung Galaxy devices rather than a Pixel or an iPhone? One of the reasons would probably if you can get something important out of it that you won’t get in other devices. It looks like you just might have more reason to consider it if what you’re looking for is free video streaming. Reports are saying that the Samsung TV Plus streaming service will soon be coming to mobile devices, specifically Galaxy smartphones and maybe even tablets.

Samsung TV Plus is a free video streaming service that the Korean company launched last year. There are more than 100 channels available here including beIN Sports Extra, Bon Apetit, CBS News, VEVO, The Design Network, etc. There are also free movies available in The Movie Hub channel. The service is completely free, exclusive to Samsung smart TVs and was launched pre-installed in all 2019 devices. They also rolled out later on to the 2017 and even the 2016 series.

Now SAM Mobile sources are saying that Samsung is working on a mobile app version for the streaming service. There is no information yet as to where the app will be available and which devices it will be compatible with. But following how Samsung TV Plus works, it will probably be an exclusive service for Galaxy smartphones and maybe even tablets. The recent tablets released like the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite are a bit more focused on multimedia so this is something that will probably be applicable there too.

Aside from the news that they are reportedly developing a mobile app for Samsung TV Plus, there isn’t much to say at this point. Following what the smart TV app can do so far, users will be able to access both Live TV channels and video on demand TV shows and movies as well. For the latter, users will also be able to pick up from where they left off, similar to what other paid services like Netflix and Hulu are able to do.

Now whether this supposed bonus feature would convince you to buy a new Samsung smartphone or stick with your current Galaxy device, that remains to be seen. If you’re probably looking for free access to a video streaming service as well, then that’s a pretty good incentive.

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