Samsung secures BH as its second supplier of Galaxy Note 20 digitizers

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BH and Interflex will be Samsung’s two main suppliers of Galaxy Note 20 digitizers, according to a recent report from The Elec citing the company. SI Flex was initially planned to supply Galaxy Note 20 digitizers, however, the company failed to meet Samsung’s quality demands and BH will be taking its place.According to industry sources, BH will supply Samsung with digitizers for the standard Galaxy Note 20 model, whereas Interflex will be supplying digitizers for the larger Galaxy Note 20+ / Galaxy Note 20 Ultra variant. Inteflex is an established Samsung supplier and the Korean giant has been relying on its digitizers for the Galaxy Note series since 2011. A digitizer is the screen layer that handles the conversion of touch input to digital signal, and in the case of the Galaxy Note series, it also translates input from the S Pen. Details on the Galaxy Note 20 S Pen are unknown so only time will tell what changes and additions Samsung will be bringing to its iconic stylus.As far as their screens go, the Galaxy Note 20 is expected to have a 6.42-inch display, whereas the Galaxy Note 20+ or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could have a 6.87-inch panel instead. Early rumors claimed that both models should have 120Hz displays with LTPO backplane technology, however, later rumors suggested this technology will be reserved for the top-tier model. The base Galaxy Note 20 variant would then have a 60Hz panel with LPTS backplane technology.

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