Samsung labels Galaxy S20 a success, but with a big ‘but’

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Well, that took a while, but Samsung at last labeled the Galaxy S20 series a success. And yes, there is a giant asterisk overshadowing that claim. Because this assessment only concerns the flagship line’s performance as Samsung’s premium 5G offering of the year.

Yup, this is about 5G. Even though the next – or current, at this point – generation of mobile networks hasn’t exactly been booming this year. Not compared to initial expectations, at least.

5G understandably wasn’t near the top of most people’s 2020 priorities – and neither was the Galaxy S20

That, on its own, is perfectly understandable. After all, in the face of the largest healthcare crisis of the past hundred or so years, most countries around the world figured all those trillions planned for 2020 network deployments could wait for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, Samsung is pretty desperate for any positive takeaway from this year that’s unrelated to its remarkable contributions to pandemic relief efforts around the globe. Probably because celebrating those is both premature and hardly something that will ease investors’ eternally shaky nerves.

That’s why today, Samsung took yet another opportunity to point its figurative finger to a two-month-old Strategy Analytics report stating the Galaxy S20 range was the best-selling lineup of 5G-ready smartphones in the first half of this cursed year.

Never mind the fact that its overall sales have already been labeled a failure in their most crucial period. That would be the first few weeks following their release. As for how well the Galaxy S20 range maintained its momentum, look no further than the fact that Samsung launched yet another high-end smartphone at the very end of this year for an answer to that question. Not to mention the fact that its successors are now being rushed to the market, as well.

  • Model: SM-G981B
  • Dimensions: Bar: 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm
  • Display: 6.2 inch / 157.48 mm Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • CPU: Exynos 990
  • Camera: 12MP
  • Model: SM-G986B
  • Dimensions: Bar: 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8 mm
  • Display: 6.7 inch / 170.18 mm Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • CPU: Exynos 990
  • Camera: 12MP

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