Samsung is gearing up to produce millions of OLED iPad screens

OLED display technologies are expected to become more widespread over the next few years, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the OLED market leader, Samsung Display, is trying to maintain its edge over the competition. According to a new report citing UBI Research, Samsung should start producing large OLED panels based on Gen 8 manufacturing in the first half of 2026.

Gen 8 OLED refers to a manufacturing method rather than an OLED display technology per se. Existing Gen 6 technologies produce smaller OLED panels, but Gen 8-based panels are larger and designed specifically to improve the yield of OLED manufacturing for the tablet, laptop, and PC monitor markets.

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OLED iPads — a huge boon for Samsung Display

Market watchers (via The Elec) believe that Samsung Display will announce a 4.1 trillion won ($3 billion) investment in Gen 8 OLED manufacturing this year.

The company’s plans go hand-in-hand with the display market’s higher adoption of OLED technologies for devices larger than smartphones. Apple will be one of the biggest influences driving this market shift.

According to UBI Research analysts, 7.8 million OLED panels will be shipped this year, but in 2024, shipments will jump to a whopping 18.8 million units because Apple is readying to launch its first OLED iPad next year.

Samsung will use its existing Gen 6 OLED production lines to supply Apple with OLED iPad screens next year, but the tech giant will want to switch to Gen 8 soon. That’s where its alleged $3 billion investment will come into play.

Samsung Display has some competition for OLED iPad panels from LG Display, while BOE keeps trying to establish a stronger presence and become a main Apple supplier. The supposed $3 billion investment from Samsung may ensure that its display arm won’t lose ground in the battle for OLED market supremacy, or at the very least, guarantee that Samsung Display will be the primary OLED panel supplier for Apple iPads.

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