Samsung India is launching new reward programs and WhatsApp Chatbot

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Samsung’s push to capture the Indian smartphone market continues. As a result, the company recently introduced a handful of new programs to reward loyal customers and has extended the Referral Program to include Samsung Exclusive Stores. In addition, the company announced today that it has launched a WhatsApp Chatbot meant to help customers connect to the nearest SamsungCafé. Meanwhile, the company revealed that it is now rewarding repeat customers with 5% discount coupons.

The new Smart Club Loyalty Program is designed to reward new and existing customers with reward points, service coupons, and other benefits whenever they first-time purchase a Galaxy phone from a Samsung SmartCafe or Samsung Smart Plaza. Customers have to spend at least INR 15,000 ($203) on a new device to be eligible for the Smart Club Loyalty Program.

Samsung India’s existing Referral Program just got better

The Samsung Referral Program was actually introduced by Samsung India earlier this summer but it was limited to online purchases only. However, now the Referral Program is also available at Samsung Exclusive Stores. With the new program, referrers can earn rewards of up to INR 2,500 whereas referees can earn up to INR 3,500 upon the purchase of a Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and/or Galaxy Z device.

Samsung India also revealed exclusive benefits for repeat customers who may be looking to upgrade their phones. The company claims that customers in search for an upgrade usually own out-of-warranty Galaxy phones that they may no longer want to repair. Samsung is now giving these customers %5 discount coupons when visiting an authorized Samsung Service Center. However, it’s not entirely clear how this new reward program works or whether or not it increases the trade-in values for repeat customers.

Finally, Samsung India’s new WhatsApp Chatbot should now be live and customers who may want to locate a SmartCafe, request a call back from a store, or make online purchases from the store can send “Hi” to 9870-494949.

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