Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Disassembly Video shows easy repairability

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Disassembly 4

We often see disassembly or teardown videos whenever a new premium flagship phone is out. The latest batch is from Samsung. PBKReviews already managed to get a hold of the Galaxy S21 5G and so he tried opening the device. The public is already getting used to such kind of videos so nothing is really surprising when a new one comes out. Seeing how components are laid out inside can be satisfying. We know most phones are designed the same way especially when they are from one OEM.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is the latest subject of a teardown video. It shows the inside is similar to what we saw on the Galaxy S20 from last year. Opening the phone is easy: simply remove the plastic back panel.

For the regular Galaxy S21, Samsung only used plastic. There is no glass so it’s unlike the older flagship phones and even its bigger Galaxy S21 siblings.

You can see inside that there are a couple of mmWave 5G. This is good news because all Galaxy S21 phones now have mmWave. Such mmWave models are no long exclusive for some carriers.

Changing the screen or display of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G may be easier this year. The display ribbon cable is now removable. This means you only need to take out the back panel, the speaker system, and the wireless charging coil to have the display replaced.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Teardown

The internal differences from last year’s phone are only minor. Check out past teardown videos of older Samsung Galaxy phones to see: Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

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