Samsung Galaxy S20 models may be different in other countries

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Samsung Galaxy S20

In less than a week, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series–all three variants–will be unveiled. The South Korean tech giant is announcing the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the higher-specced Galaxy S20 Ultra. We know the Galaxy S20 will have premium specs already but imagine the other two even having better features. The Unpacked event is happening before the Mobile World Congress but we know the hype won’t be over just yet even if other mobile OEMs announced their new products.

Unlike Huawei, Samsung is widely accepted in most key markets. But unfortunately or perhaps as a marketing strategy, Samsung doesn’t always release the same models and variants. We can say not all Galaxy S phone models are the same.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 4G models are not equal. This means some regions will get the 12GB version while others will get 8GB. Prices will be different or lower. As for the onboard storage, most variants will only get 128GB.

Roland Quandt (@rquandt) shared this information on Twitter. Not that we don’t believe but the news can be disappointing for some countries. Most people want the higher-specced models even for a higher price but they may not get them because they’re not available in their region.

It will always be the decision of Samsung. If you want bigger memory or higher RAM, you may try buying from outside your country. But really, at this point, a higher RAM may not be noticeable. Having only 128GB may be enough too so maybe you don’t need 256GB or 512GB?

Right now, we only care about the camera features and results plus the actual speed and performance of a flagship phone. There’s battery life and fast-charging support too–the longer the battery life, the better. Let’s see on the 11th of February.

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