Samsung Display to supply Apple with OLED for the next-gen iPad

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Apple’s next iPad is rumored to forego LCD technology in favor of OLED, and industry reports suggest that the Cupertino giant has signed OLED contracts with LG Display and Samsung Display, both of which will be responsible for supplying Apple with OLED panels for future iPad models.

Because of this, Samsung Display is said to have begun reviewing its OLED investment plans. The company is reportedly discussing with Japan’s Dainippon Printing about the supply of fine metal mask (FMM) tensioners required for OLED display manufacturing.

For now, it’s unclear who will be supplying the majority of OLED panels for future iPads — Samsung Display or LG — but whoever gets the bulk of orders will be at a great advantage.

Dozens of millions of iPads are shipped every year

The iPad is by far the most popular tablet in the world, with market tracker Statista estimating that Apple shipped roughly 12.7 million iPads in Q1 2021 alone.

It goes without saying that Samsung Display has an opportunity to sell millions of OLED displays for iPads every year. However, it won’t be alone in this, and LG Display will want a piece of that pie.

In other news, Samsung is also rumored to be the main supplier for Nintendo’s latest Switch OLED revision, and this should help the company’s bottom line, given the console’s popularity.

All in all, OLED displays are becoming increasingly popular across multiple market segments, and Samsung Display is in a very favorable position as the world’s leading OLED display manufacturer.

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