Samsung adds Android 10 support to a couple of Good Lock apps

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Every major Android update tends to break compatibility with Samsung’s Good Lock app suite, and the same happened with Android 10 as well. Given the level of the deep customisation that Good Lock offers, such compatibility issues are not surprising. Thankfully, the Korean company seems to have adopted a more proactive approach this time around.Samsung has released updates to the One Hand Operation+ and Edge Lighting+ modules in the last few days to make them compatible with Android 10 on Galaxy devices. Other components of the Good Lock app suite are yet to receive such updates, but you can expect them to be ready before the stable release of Android 10 rolls out to Galaxy users.

This approach is in stark contrast to what Samsung did during the Android Pie rollout. Galaxy users had to wait for a couple of months for the Good Lock app family to gain Android Pie support. Of course, Android Pie was a much bigger update for Galaxy users since Samsung introduced One UI with it. In comparison, Android 10 seems like a minor release, requiring fewer changes to Good Lock.If you are running Android 10 beta, you need to have One Hand Operation+ v and Edge Lighting+ v1.0.25 to use these apps. Depending on the region, you should find these updates on either Google Play Store or Galaxy Store. If you don’t see these app updates yet, you can download the latest APKs from the links below.One Hand Operation+ v Lighting+ v1.0.25

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