Razer Phone 2 now at its lowest price at $300

Some are saying that the super-fast refresh rate of the Razer Phone 2 might just ruin other phones for you, at least when it comes to its smooth display. There are other questions of course about its hardware but it’s still an interesting device to have, if only for its 120Hz refresh rate. If the price tag caused you to think twice about getting it, it’s now down to its lowest price yet at just $300 on Amazon, $100 cheaper than its previous price.

On Amazon, the unlocked version of the Razer Phone 2, which is branded as a gaming smartphone, is now priced at just $299.99. The page says this discount is for a limited time only but did not specify until when this will last so you might want to take advantage of this offer already. This may be part of their pre-Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale so you may not have that much time to decide.

Some are saying that this may also be their way of getting rid of stocks to prepare for a Razer Phone 3 but there doesn’t seem to be an indication that there will be a new one, or at least this year or early next year. The Razer Phone 2 itself is already a catch at this price, especially if you’re into mobile gaming. It runs on Snapdragon 845 and has a good cooling system because we all know how hard gamers run their devices.

But of course, the 120Hz display is the highlight of this device as the super-fast refresh display makes everything seem smoother on the display. They say when you go back to phones with 60Hz or lower display, it’s never the same.

So if you’re already convinced to get a Razer Phone 2, go on over to Amazon and get yourself this device for just $299.99. It’s not as cheap as for a secondary phone or a burner phone, but it’s still cheap enough now that you wouldn’t hesitate to get one if you want to experience what a super fast refresh rate looks like.

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