QuakeCon at Home is coming on August 7

While QuakeCon 2020 was canceled earlier this year due to the ongoing pandemic, Bethesda isn’t giving up on having a fan focused event. Today, Bethesda announced QuakeCon at Home, an online event aiming to run from August 7 through August 9.

Details are currently vague but the event is set to include tournaments, livestreams, charity fundraising and some “fun secrets.”

It’s possible that we could see the first campaign DLC for Doom Eternal here. Two DLC packs are coming and right now, all we have are a couple of screenshots to speculate on. QuakeCon at Home would be the perfect place to learn more.

Raise Hell

Doom Eternal

They are rage, you are worse.

Doom Eternal brings everything players loved about the Doom 2016 game with even more executions, more demons, more campaign, and more brutal combat.

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