Polar Unite is the newest smart fitness watch in the block

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With the ongoing health crisis the whole world is experiencing, people are paying close attention to their fitness now more than ever. For health-related products, they are bringing out their big guns so to speak as consumers are more conducive to anything that can help them stay fit and protect themselves from the coronavirus and other diseases. Fitness-focused smartwatches are a must for some right now and so Polar decided to release their newest smart fitness watch, the Polar Unite.

Polar is positioning this new device as something that can help you get started or restarted on your fitness journey as it has all the tools that you need but with easy-to-understand features and insights. It has something called FitSpark which will be your daily training guide, giving you suggested workouts that will also take into consideration your sleep, recovery, fitness level, and training history. It comes with animated instructions, timers, vibrations, and other instructions to help you be on track.

Aside from tracking your workouts and giving you statistics and insights, it will also give you tools to monitor the other aspects like sleep stages and cycles, measuring your autonomic nervous system recovery, prompting you for breathing exercises, giving you a personalized activity goal, helping you monitor your calories burned, etc. Now the challenge for you would be to actually act on your smartwatch’s recommendations and suggestions.

The Polar Unite weighs 32 grams and has a customizable, bright, colored touchscreen. It can work with interchangeable colorful bands in case you feel like being color fashionable. It doesn’t have built-in GPS so it needs to connect to your smartphone. It does have continuous heart rate tracking so that’s a plus. The battery should last you up to 50 hours if you use it in training mode with connected GPS.

The Polar Unite smartwatch is prized at $149.95 and comes in black, white, pink, and blue colors. It will have small and M/L wristbands included while mint and blush silicone accessory bands are also available for $22.95.

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