Pixel Feature Drop for December starts rolling out

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Google Pixel Feature Drop

The Google Pixel line will continue to make waves despite the issues surfacing. The most recent ones involving the Pixel 6 have explanation and we believe they are already being addressed. For other Pixel products, expect they will receive updates as the Pixel team doesn’t stop working on improvements. The next round of Feature Drops is almost ready. New features and enhancements will be rolling out in the coming weeks. The latest Pixel phones and even the Pixel Buds A-series are set to receive updates.

The newest Feature Drop will be available for the Pixel 3a to Pixel 5a (5G) this week. The Pixel 6 line will follow. For Snapchat fans, you can take advantage of the Quick Tap to Snap feature. It lets you take access the app quickly from the lock screen. It is available starting on Pixel 4a phones. The Pixel Face lens is also being added to Snaps.

If you plan on getting a new car from the 2020-2022 BMW models, you can use your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro as a digital car key. You can enable this feature that lets you lock-unlock your car with a simple tap of the smartphone on the door handle. You can also start the car by simply putting the phone in the interior key reader and then pressing the engine start.

Car crash detection’s availability is expanding to other countries like Italy, France, and Taiwan. It mush be enabled on the Personal Safety app on your Pixel phone. With this feature, the phone will check in with the drive if there is crash detected. It will see if you’re okay. If there is no response, the Pixel phone will share your location with emergency responders.

Another update includes new languages for transcription in the Recorder app: German, French, and Japanese. There is also a new set of wallpapers in honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Google teamed up with a disabled multidisciplinary artist, Dana Kearly, for this Curated Culture collection.

For the Pixel Buds A-Series, the bass-level control has been improved. You can adjust it on the Pixel Buds app on your Android 6.0+ phone.

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