New Chromebook features out as Google celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Google Chromebook 10 Years

A decade flew by so fast. Google is celebrating another milestone. The Chromebook is now on its 10th birthday. For this special occasion, the Chromebook team is introduced a number of new features and improvements. Chromebook has become a category on its own. Before, people would just say laptop or netbook. Now, we say Chromebook–if not MacBook. A number of OEMs have also ventured into this game, launching new Chromebooks left and right. We have featured a lot. We also recently noted that more Chromebooks sold than Macs in 2020 but is still behind Windows.

The Chrome OS has greatly advanced as a mobile platform. It may still be behind Windows but it is slowly becoming more popular for the Chromebook’s ability. Chromebooks are more intelligent than ever now. Google has expanded the platform to meet the diverse needs of the consumers.

New Chromebook Features

For Chromebook’s 10th Anniversary, the experience between Chromebook and an Android phone is improved. Google is introducing the Phone Hub so you can take advantage of a built-in control center. This allows some features of the Android phone to be accessed on the Chromebook. This makes things easier for the user always on-the-go.

Some helpful capabilities of the Phone Hub include letting you respond to a message received on a phone from a Chromebook. Tabs opened on Chrome on your smartphone can also be accessed on a Chromebook so you can continue what you’ve started. Phone Hub also brings Wi-Fi Sync to more devices. Nearby Share will also become more useful.

Chromebook’s 10th Birthday

Some parts of the Chromebook experienced has been redesigned. It offers quicker access to things that are important. There’s the new Screen Capture tool and built-in media controls on the Quick Settings menu. Parents can also easily access the Chromebook features. They can setup the system for their kids and managed activities with Family Link.

Chromebook also gets a new Clipboard feature for easier copy-pasting. Quick Answers offers helpful information from translation to unit conversion to definition. Other enhancements are as follows: quicker sharing of files and other content between apps and Select-to-speak (text read out loud,/playback speed). You may also notice the Chromebook apps looking refreshed.

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