Motorola RAZR gives up after 27,000 folds

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What’s going on here? We’ve been rooting for the Motorola RAZR since day one but watching this video from CNET is a bit heartbreaking. Motorola announced the new foldable phone last November and people got excited that it would come in a clamshell form. It’s different from the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X with their vertical fold design. It’s an old icon that was given a modern twist. We once mentioned the Motorola Razr 2019 may have solved the foldable screen crease problem but looks like we have to make a more comprehensive review.

Motorola delayed the release of the RAZR a bit. Reason: demand was high for the device the supply became limited. The phone was all set to be unveiled and we’ve got a quick peek of its Retro App, Live Wallpapers, and boot animation.

The Motorola RAZR was shown off in several videos on YouTube. The shipment was further delayed to February 18. Just the other day, early impressions and hands-on were published. The reviews were not all positive.

And then today, we learn the clamshell phone was subjected to a folding-unfolding test. After 27,000 folds, the Motorola RAZR gave up. The test was actually live-streamed. Watch the video below:

The video lasted four hours but the actual test lasted more than that. The phone gave up. The goal of 100,000 folds was not reached–not even halfway.

For a $1,500 phone, it can be disappointing for those planning to get one or have already placed their pre-order. Let’s wait and see for Motorola to sent out a statement regarding this test.

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