Moto G Smartwatch, Moto Watch, and Moto One coming soon

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Moto G Smartwatch Launch

Is Motorola releasing a new smartwatch? Looks like it according to a recent presentation by CE Brands. The Canadian tech company had an investor presentation a few weeks ago and the document mentioned a Moto smartwatch. This isn’t the first time Motorola is venturing into the wearables game. There was the Moto 360 line before. The last Moto watch we saw was the Moto 360 not manufactured by Motorola but by eBuyNow. A new version will be revealed in the coming months according to CE Brands.

There won’t be just one but three new Moto smartwatches that will be introduced this 2021. In June, the Moto G Smartwatch will be announced followed by Moto Watch and Moto One in July. There is no formal and official announcement yet but we believe new Motorola-branded wearables will be revealed in time.

The Moto smarwatches will be ready in two shapes: round and rectangular. The Moto G Smartwatch and the Moto One will be round while the Moto Watch will be rectangular with rounded corners.list of expanded products that drive incremental revenue streams for CE Brands. It is confident the Moto watches will be successful. It even noted the Moto 360 smartwatch was named by Amazon US as the ‘Best Overall Smartwatch’.

The Moto 360 was identified by CEBrands’ eBuyNow that “Motorola was the leading Android
smartphone brand missing from the smartwatch product category“. eBuyNow also identified the top 3 negative complaints and what customers really wanted. People were concerned with “durability, design and battery”.

What the people usually look for in a smartwatch are design and quality. In the next few weeks and months, we can expect related details will surface. Expect the Moto G Smartwatch will be the first to be “leaked”.

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