Microsoft Surface Duo Durability Test: Watch video here

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Microsoft Surface Duo Durability Test

The Surface Duo from Microsoft is currently a favorite topic. We can’t say it’s the best in the market today but it certainly is one of the more interesting mobile devices. It’s the first from Microsoft after a long time. The Surface line isn’t exactly new but this Surface Duo runs on Android. It has a foldable design but it’s not one single flexible display. Two screens were used separated by a hinge that allows the device to be flexed both ways.

The hybrid phone-tablet has been announced over a month ago. It went up for pre-order with the promise of mobile productivity and three years of Android upgrades. We’ve seen the press briefing. The Surface Duo was shown off with side by side views. We also saw its dual-screen design and internals.

The device boasts enterprise-level security by Microsoft and decent camera features and UI. The Surface Duo scored high on benchmarks and outperformed other flagships. It was already compared with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. It’s ready to buy now in the United States from Microsoft, Best Buy, and AT&T stores. So far, we’ve seen a teardown video by IFixit. It already has certain bugs as buyers have reported on Twitter.

Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything has already managed to do a Durability Test. He did scratch, burn, and bend the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Watch the full Durability Test Video below:

Watching the video gives us the impression that the device is durable. The screen scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. Under the heat, the screen leaves a white mark that never recovers. As for the bend test, the smartphone-tablet bends smoothly all the way around. It flexes on both sides but the screens still work.

There is only one speaker with the earpiece. Audio may not be premium but decent enough. The speaker grill is secure. There is only one camera which only takes decent photos. Those two areas are probably what will make other people think twice about buying the $1,400 gadget. So, who’s getting one?

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