Microsoft is offering up to $650 in trade-in credit towards Galaxy Note 10 purchases

Microsoft may not be a major retailer, but the software giant does have online and offline stores in many markets where it sells select products and services, even those that are not directly related to the Windows ecosystem. This includes the newly-launched Galaxy Note 10 as well, which comes preloaded with Microsoft’s Android apps and services.Like most other retailers, Microsoft is also aggressively pushing the Galaxy Note 10 with attractive offers. The Redmond company is giving generous trade-in credits on older Galaxy devices when you buy a Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ at one of its retail locations in the US or Canada. Select models from Apple, Google, LG, and OnePlus are also accepted.The trade-in values vary depending on the model and the location, but overall, they seem to be higher than what Samsung is promising on its website. The offer is valid till September 22. Though Microsoft is displaying trade-in values for Australia and the UK as well, the terms and conditions state the promotion is valid only in the US and Canada.Do note that while Microsoft is offering generous trade-in credit, you will be buying the Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+ at their full retail price. Some carriers and retailers are offering expensive freebies and attractive discounts on the retail price, which some might find more appealing than Microsoft’s promotion.

Galaxy Note 10

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