Microsoft Edge testing new option for saving PDFs

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Microsoft Edge Update Dev NewSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft Edge could soon have another option for saving web pages as PDFs. Techdows spotted a feature in the latest version of Edge Canary that lets you save web pages as PDFs using the browser’s context menu. As is the case with many features in testing, only some people with Edge Canary will see this option.

Saving web pages as PDFs through the Edge context menu saves a few clicks compared to the method that’s currently available. At the moment, you have to open the Print menu and select “Save PDF” as an option. This requires a bit more navigation and also doesn’t exactly make sense since you aren’t printing the webpage.

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Save As Pdf Context Menu Option

Source: Techdows

The new option can be found by right-clicking anywhere on a webpage. The option to “print” PDFs is still available, but this new method may be easier to find.

As the feature is in limited testing in Edge Canary it could be quite some time before the feature rolls out to general availability. Edge Canary is currently based on version 95 of Chromium. The stable version of Microsoft Edge only bumped to version 93 of Chromium earlier this month.

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