LG Proactive Customer Care launches for Wi-Fi-enabled appliances

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Probably one of the most annoying things that we experience when one of our appliances or devices break down is to call customer service and have our stuff fixed. If you’re using LG devices, you’ll be pleased to know that you will now have a more convenient and personalized experience when it comes to this process through their new AI-powered LG Proactive Customer Care and other programs like LG TelePresence and LG Remote One. They are aiming these programs will “deliver peace of mind for LG users and enhanced customer satisfaction”.

The Proactive Customer Care is powered by artificial intelligence and is available for select Wi-Fi-enabled LG home appliances. Not only will it be able to help you fix any problems you may encounter with your appliances but its can even alert you to potential problems that you’ll have even before they actually occur. It will send you an alert once it detects a system error and then provide you with step-by-step instructions if it’s something that can still be fixed. You also get routine maintenance reminders and it will detect issues that may be increasing your energy usage and water consumption.

Another program that they launched earlier this year is called LG TelePresence and is a virtual tool for appliances and home entertainment users as well. Technicians will be able to diagnose product issues through video access using their dedicated mobile app. You just need to grant the customer support agents one-time video access to diagnose what’s wrong and then start the repair process.

The LG Remote One meanwhile is for selected LG Smart TVs and also tries to remotely fix your issues through a service phone call. You will also grant the agents one-time, remote access to your TV menu so they can check the settings and then adjust things if needed. The TV should of course be connected to the Internet and is available for those that are running on the WebOS 3.0 and higher.

Hopefully, there will be no privacy or security issues since you will only be able to grant customer service agents one-time access to your devices. These customer care tools will work if you’re digitally savvy enough but those who are still old school when it comes to these things may have trouble adjusting.

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