Is chip design legend Jim Keller going to work with Samsung?

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Anyone who follows the news about the chip industry knows who Jim Keller is. He’s a veteran of both Intel and AMD, being closely involved in chip advances at multiple companies. Keller also worked on some of Apple’s early proprietary processors.

Keller has also worked with Tesla, helping the company develop the chip that sits at the core of its self-driving computer system. It’s safe to say that the man knows a thing or two about chips and it looks like Samsung might get some help from him.

Jim Keller could work with Samsung on AI chips

Samsung hosted its third annual foundry forum today. It’s a gathering of its partners from across the globe. The topics under discussion at the forum included cooperation in the areas of gate-all-around transistor architecture, AI and 2.5D semiconductor chip packing technology.

The keynote speech at the forum was delivered by Jim Keller. This has led many to believe that he may work with Samsung to develop its future chips. ARM, Siemens, Google Cloud and ASML are among the members participating in the forum.

Keller’s future at Samsung hasn’t been confirmed. However, his prominent appearance at the forum has led many to believe that he could work with Samsung on its future chips. Keller currently works at a Toronto-based startup that’s developing AI chips. Industry watchers are also of the view that Keller might work with Samsung on an AI chip.

It would be a significant move on Samsung’s part if it’s able to bring Keller onboard. His experience will certainly aid the company in improving its competitiveness in this market. That’s something that Samsung’s already heavily invested in doing.

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