Huawei guns for more 4G processors as US trade restriction continue

Huawei has had many problems ever since the US ban on the Chinese phone maker. The Chinese company has had to deal with lack of Google services on their devices, that other companies have used to their advantage and Huawei has slipped down the ranks. Now it seems, like many other companies, Huawei is also feeling the pinch of chip component dearth on the market, which is prompting the company to sideline the 5G and is likely to be purchasing 4G chips.

The main culprit for Huawei’s immense shortfall of chips can also be attributed to American restrictions. In fact, the US sanctions mean the manufacturing company cannot access things related to the faster mode of connectivity.

No wonder then Qualcomm supplied Huawei with a Snapdragon 888 SoC sans 5G modem. Now as the tide is shifting, a leak from Digital Chat Station points that Huawei is purchasing a batch of 4G version Snapdragon 778G chips.

Going forward also, Qualcomm is slated to provide access to beefier and efficient processors (Snapdragon 898). But on the back of covid-19, we are expecting a state-of-the-art chip without the 5G modem.

There is no word at the moment which phones in the Huawei lineup will be upgrading to the chipsets on offer. Loosely guessing the Huawei Nova 9, Mate 50 and Huawei P60 are some upcoming options that could run these 4G chipsets.

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