Grab some Destiny 2 Twitch Prime loot tomorrow

Destiny 2 is parterning up with Twitch to give players news and old a chance at getting some exotic loot.

Destiny 2 is giving players around the world the chance to grab some exotic loot, as the company has teamed up with Twitch to offer loot drops to members who have Twitch Prime.

The information was initially leaked earlier today, but has since been announced to begin on Wednesday, January 29. Players who subscribe to Twitch Prime will be able to claim the rewards on Twitch and then pick up the loot from Amanda Holiday in Destiny 2’s Tower. The first set of rewards coming to Destiny 2 will feature the following items:

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  • SUROS Regime Exotic Auto Rifle
  • Coup de Main ornament for SUROS Regime
  • Exotic Ship unsecured/OUTCRY
  • Exotic Ghost Skyline Flipside

Thanks to some datamining from Twitter user JpDeathBlade, players can expect to see four items a month for the next six months, with the full list of loot drops having been revealed.

Judging by the items available, it looks as if these rewards are meant to be aimed at newer players who might not have been able to snag some of the older weapons and items that have appeared in Destiny 2. Either way, players who haven’t been able to grab the items yet can do so starting tomorrow, and can look forward to getting some extra goodies in the coming months.

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