Google Nest Cam’s live video, history, experiencing outage

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If you’re relying on your Google Nest Cam’s live video to keep your house or office secure, you might want to have some backup now. It is currently experiencing a major power outage as the live video and history features of the security camera are currently down. While they are aware of the problem and are currently working on a solution, this is a huge problem for Google and is something that they need to immediately get fixed as some users rely on this system to protect their homes or small offices.

The camera connectivity of the Google Nest Cam is currently affected by this outage so this means that your Nest Cam Live Video and your Video History are down. Going to the status page for Nest, you’ll see that they already have identified that the system is down. But from among their various products and services, only the Live Video, as well as the Video History feed, are affected. All other products like Nest Protect, Thermostat, and the main Nest Pro Dashboard are all okay.

There is currently no explanation as to why this happened but Google says they are still investigating the cause of this outage. 9 to 5 Google says that if you look at their Issue & Maintenance History, you’ll see that a similar outage occurred last December 5, 2019 but it seems to not have been widely reported. They were eventually able to resolve it of course but no further news has been reported about it.

If you rely on Google Nest for your live camera feeds, then this becomes a big problem as you will currently have a blind eye over the areas you’re monitoring. Users have been complaining all over social networks, mostly saying that they paid good money for these things and now they will have to live without the live feed temporarily, which is a huge inconvenience and worse, can be a huge security risk for some.

The additional problem for this is that we have no timetable as to when this will be fixed. Google says they’re working on it but users may need to have more assurance and they need to have their expectations managed, especially if their security system will have to do without these live cams for some time.

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