Google Nest brings improved multi-room control for supported devices

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If you have multiple Google Nest smart speakers, smart displays, and other supported devices around your house, you already know that you can group them together and you can play the same audio on multiple speakers. But Google is bringing some more improvements to the multi-room control that you have and expanding the capabilities of your multiple speakers. The next update coming to your speakers and app should make your “house music” truly smarter, more helpful, and more intuitive.

Currently, you can already manually group together your Nest devices. But when the update rolls out, you’ll be able to do so without needing to create a speaker group. Just tap on the lower-left corner of your screen when you’re playing something and you’ll see a list of speakers that you can “throw” your music at. You’ll be able to easily add or remove devices throughout your home so you can create a “whole-home audio system” for your listening pleasure.

When the update rolls out, you also get other new features. Stream transfer will let you “move” music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and other content between compatible devices. You will be able to use voice controls, the Google Home app, or if you have a Nest smart display, the touch screen on the device. You can stop content on one device and then continue playing to another if you need to move from the room.

You will also be able to stereo pair two Nest Minis or Google Home Max devices so you can experience “room-filling sound” as well as immersive left and right channel separation. You can now also ask your smart devices for new music recommendations through your Google Assistant. It will work for YouTube Music and Spotify Premium subscribers. Simply say, “Hey Google, recommend some music” and you’ll be offered multiple choices form artists and genres.

The new multi-room controls have started rolling out for Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and other supported smart displays. The Google Home app will receive the functionality later on this fall.

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