Google Messages is bringing loads of new features to Galaxy phones

Last year, Samsung swapped out its own Messages app from Galaxy smartphones in favor of Google Messages in a few regions. However, Google’s messaging app wasn’t as feature-rich as Samsung’s. Now, the internet search giant is adding loads of new features that improve group chats, better message organization, and messaging with iPhone users.

Google has announced that the upcoming version of its messaging app will support message ‘Reactions’ sent through an iPhone. This feature will roll out to English users first and then to other language users. The app will also offer improved video quality when sent to iPhone users, and it does that by sending a Google Photos link instead of sending the actual file.

Since we all receive a lot of messages every day, Google is making it easier to see important messages first. The upcoming version of Google Messages will automatically organize your messaging inbox into separate tabs (personal and business). It will also automatically delete messages containing one-time passwords. This feature was rolled out in India a few months ago, and it is now rolling out in the US.

The new version of Google Messages will also nudge you to reply to people expecting your message so that nothing slips out of your mind even when you’re busy. It will also remind you to wish your family members and friends birthdays or special occasions. If you use the Gboard keyboard, the app can offer over 2,000 new emoji mashups as stickers through the Emoji Kitchen feature.

Google mentioned in its press release that the new version of its messaging app will roll out across the globe “in the coming weeks.

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