Google Home 2.31 update brings several interesting, much-needed changes

Google Home 2.31 update has begun to roll out, and as you would expect – it’s bringing to the app a host of new changes that will make it easier to use. First up the ability to trigger Assistant Routines, which was scrapped off in September, has been reinstated. The app has also received a massive revamp in the media controls that brings much-needed alterations to make things effortless and smoother for users.

The redesigned media control page has a single page dashboard which replaces the carousel. The single page for controlling media playing on each device ensures you can toggle between functions of speakers in one place now, even if you have the speakers in various rooms grouped together.

The appearance maybe slightly compromised in the app – the carousel UI was better – but the added functionality is what users will weigh above, definitely. The Now Playing screen here can be used to add/remove or control volume of a device without changing the view – simply check or uncheck your preference.

As said, the Routines which allow you to create a single command linked events, can now be used for the purpose on multiple devices. The dashboard shows purple play buttons and compatible devices in the dropdown at the bottom of the screen – select the device and hit play and your routine will play on the device of choice.

Google Home 2.31 adds something called Preferred activities menu in Wi-Fi settings wherein Gaming/Stadia is included. According to 9to5Google “this is a menu instead of a toggle” which leaves us guessing if Google would be adding more controls here, but that’s a discussion for another day – another update to be precise.

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