Google Assistant Snapshot is more helpful and relevant (if you’re using it)

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If you haven’t been using the Snapshot feature of your Google Assistant, you’re missing out on a great part of your Google eco-system. It’s a two-year-old feature that lets you see an overview of your day including appointments, upcoming deliveries, the weather, and other useful information. An update will make it easier to access Snapshot and will also give you even more useful activities and suggestions, depending of course on how you interact with your digital assistant.

First off, it will be easier to access Snapshot as you can now just say, “Hey Google, show me my day”. Previously, you had to launch the Google Assistant app on your device and then tap on that symbol at the lower left of the screen. Now a voice command will do just nicely and the content you’ll see in your Snapshot will depend on the time of the day. Aside from our agenda, commute times, and other things you’re used to (if you’re using it), you’ll also see new things in the summary of your day.

You can now add important birthdays and holidays and it will show up at the top of your Snapshot. What you see will depend on the time of the day so in the morning it’s about getting to work or your to-do list. You’ll also now get some recommendations based on your preferences, whether it’s a new podcast you might like or a recipe you’d like to try out or if you don’t feel like cooking, a nearby restaurant you’d like to try out.

When you’re checking your Snapshot in the morning, you might also get a Top 5 News stories card that comes from your Google News. Aside from your phone, you can also have Google Assistant make you listen on your smart speakers and also your Smart Display. The latter is of course a walkthrough of your day and also includes voice from your Google Assistant. They didn’t mention any visuals although that would be fun too.

The voice command for Snapshot is currently available for those who use English as the default language in their Google Assistant. They’re working on adding more languages as they continue with this rollout. All other features you’ll notice over the next few days as you use Google Assistant Snapshot.

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