Google Assistant remembers your actions, suggests one on schedule

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Google Assistant Suggested Actions

The Google Assistant was developed as a possible rival to Siri. It has since overshadowed Apple’s voice assistant. Its direct competition is now Amazon’s Alexa. We believe the Google Assistant is way smarter in many ways because, of course, Google is the top search engine. Google knows everything. The Assistant was first introduced in 2012 and has since developed into a more advanced system. It allows integration with a number of devices, products, and services. It recently received improvements for better interactions.

The next feature may have something to do with suggesting actions. The idea is nothing new but, to be honest, it can be pretty useful. The Google Assistant may be helpful but frequent reminders or suggestions may bother you. But then again, some people may appreciate their phones’ suggested actions at special times of the day.

The Google Assistant can really be your assistant. It can be a result of a new predictive feature which can be very helpful. When you want automation, you can set your device with Google Assistant to do things for you. You can even set a specific time so you won’t have to remind yourself.

The Google Assitant can remember your previous actions so don’t be surprised if it gives suggestions on what you can do next. It will just base the suggestion on your action or request history. It’s not clear if and how this will roll out officially but it’s a welcome addition.

What it does is offer to perform a certain command previously activated. For example, if you turn lights on at around 6 AM, it may suggest the same thing the following day. You can execute the command by simply clicking on the notification. You can set to do it right away or show ‘Don’t suggest this’ instead.

We don’t know what other Google Assistant commands can be suggested or followed. One of its advantages we see could be saving time for those that utilize it regularly.

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