Galaxy S11’s 5x optical zoom sensor to enter final testing soon

Samsung is soon going to start testing the future camera system of the Galaxy S11. According to local media outlet TheElec, South Korean test socket manufacturing expert MecaTech Systems is reportedly going to supply Samsung with test sockets for the flagship’s periscopic camera.Samsung Galaxy S11 camera to enter testing soonTest sockets such as those supplied by MecaTech Systems are being used to perform final tests on components before they’re shipped for assembly. Therefore, if MecaTech Systems is indeed shipping test sockets to Samsung for its next flagship’s camera, this means that the company should already have a clear idea of what optical sensors the Galaxy S11 will employ.The Galaxy S11 is expected to boast 5x optical zoom capabilities, marking a significant upgrade over the current 2x zoom optics. The flagship is also said to feature the 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX as its main camera which, once again, would represent a huge departure from the 12MP main sensor used by Samsung for its Galaxy S10 and Note 10 flagships.Samsung hasn’t been locked in a race for camera megapixels for years, and instead, the company focused on improving low-light photography along with other, arguably more important areas. But as more competitors from China continue to push for more megapixels, their rival OEMs – including Samsung – might start doing the same.The Samsung Galaxy S11 could be unveiled in the third week of February so there’s ample time for leaks, rumors, and speculations. Time will tell how many of these recent reports will turn out to be accurate, but what we do know so far is that the flagship will launch with Android 10 and should boast a refreshed version of One UI. We’ve also learned it will ship in a range of familiar colors.

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