Foldable smartphone shipments surge in Q3 thanks to Samsung’s latest models

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The foldable smartphone market appears to have exploded in Q3 2021, right around the time Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Foldable smartphone shipments reached millions in Q3 2021, and Samsung had a market share of a whopping 93%.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 led foldable smartphone sales in Q3. Both models contributed to unprecedented growth, though the market had a stronger bias for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 — reveals a new DSCC report (via @DSCCRoss). Huawei followed Samsung with a 6% foldable market share.

Q3 foldable smartphone shipments from all brands combined (but mostly Samsung) were 215% higher quarter-on-quarter and 480% higher year-on-year. Throughout the three-month period, the foldable market recorded roughly 2.6 million shipments. DSCC estimates that foldable smartphone shipments in Q4 will be closer to 4 million. By the end of the year, Samsung could increase its market share even further to 95%.

Samsung should top over 6 million foldable smartphone shipments in 2021, which falls in line with the company’s ambitions from earlier this year. As for 2022, it’s estimated that the foldable phone market will reach shipments of around 17.5 million, up from 7.5 million this year.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 dominates the foldable segment

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was by far the most popular foldable smartphone in Q3 2021, proving that the compact form factor and lower price are a great combination.

Samsung’s latest clamshell smartphone had a market share of 60% in Q3, outperforming the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a market share of 23%, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G with 7% market share.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to dominate Q4 2021 with a 58% share, though the Galaxy Z Fold 3 should catch up and cover 36% of the market.

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