Echo Flex Smart Clock adds a time dimension to your plugged smart speaker

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The idea for the Amazon Echo Flex is pretty nifty. You get a smart speaker that you can just plug into your outlet with all the Alexa bells and whistles plus you get to attach other devices to it since it’s in a modular format. We’ve seen some first-party attachments to it from Amazon and now we’re getting a new device from a third-party company called, well, Third Reality, The Echo Flex Smart Clock gives a pretty basic function from the name itself but it’s something that can be useful for when you need the time and a timer.

The Smart Clock has a built-in display to add to your smart speaker as it shows you the time in either 12 hours or 24 hours formats. You can even change the format through Alexa using the Third Party skill. The display’s brightness will adjust according to the lighting conditions of the room because of the built-in light sensor. But in case you want to adjust it manually, again you can use Alexa voice commands to do so.

Aside from displaying the time, it can also set timers for you when you use Alexa voice commands. You can set up to 20 timers at once but you’ll probably need just a few of those anyway. This can be handy when your Echo Flex is in the kitchen and you’re cooking something that needs timers or when you want to regulate gadget usage by your kids in the living room. That’s basically what it can do with your Echo Flex.

Amazon already launched some attachments for its Echo Flex like its Smart Motion Sensor and Smart Night Light. If you’re not familiar with it yet, the Echo Flex has a USB port on the bottom so you can attach plug in attachments to it. You can still use it as it is, as a smart speaker that’s plugged in directly to your outlet. We’re looking forward to see what other attachments Amazon and other device makers can come up with.

In the meantime, you can pre-order the Echo Flex Smart Clock on Third Party’s website. It will cost you just $14.99 and they will start shipping them out by August 11.

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