Dropbox Spaces uses machine intelligence to build a smarter workspace

Dropbox has become more than just a cloud storage app as they continue to create features that will give you a “smart workspace”. This should work not just for the individual use of Dropbox but for collaborative teamwork as well. Now they’re introducing Dropbox Spaces, which is an “evolution of the shared folder” so you will be able to work together on projects and also help you keep focused on the things that you need to focus on to get your work done.

There are tons of new and upcoming features that come with both the main Dropbox app as well as the new Dropbox Spaces. For example, you will now be able to find photos in your files even if you can’t remember the file name. Just search for the item and it will look across JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF files. It’s available for Dropbox Professional now and will soon come to Dropbox Business plans. You will also be able to preview files in high fidelity from your desktop and you will also be able to star files and folders that you frequently access.

If you’ve been using Paper docs, you will be able to create, store, and access these documents through your Dropbox file. Soon, you will also be able to create Dropbox Binder, where you can compile files like images, PDFs, cloud docx and share published versions to your team. Another thing that will be coming soon is Search highlights where you will be able to look for documents through key phrases within the files, even if you don’t remember the file or folder name where it is located.

Dropbox Spaces also wants to help you focus and prioritise with features like Team Highlights which show the relevant activities from your team, Content suggestions which will use machine learning to determine what content you need currently, and Calendar integration which will let you get quick access to files that you need for your current appointment. You will also be able to create overview descriptions and to-do lists for your team, see, create, and resolve comments.

There will also be some integrations with other apps coming soon, like with HelloSign, Trello, and also adding Dropbox Transfer. You can check out Dropbox Spaces now and see if it’s something you can incorporate in your work process.

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