Dell’s new PCs are a one-stop-shop for video calls on Teams or Zoom

As working from home and connecting virtually becomes more common, businesses need to use new technologies to collaborate through the web. Dell Meeting Space Solutions are a new set of technologies from Dell that allow people to work together through video calls and conferences regardless of the size of the office or workspace on either end of the call. Dell Meeting Space Solutions are an ecosystem of products that work with technology from Logitech, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms.

Dell Meeting Space Solutions are designed to work without any advanced setup or configuration. A person can order a setup that includes a Dell OptiPlex Micro with software preinstalled that enables video conferencing.

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Companies can choose to use Dell Meeting Space Solutions with either Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms, each of which is optimized to work with small, medium, or large rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms supports one-touch join for meetings to make it easy to jump into a virtual meeting. It also supports proximity detection that makes it easy to add available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting. With this setup, you can schedule meetings with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Teams and invite conference rooms to a meeting.

Zoom Rooms also supports one-touch to join. It also has one-click wireless share and supports admin dashboards to provide real-time reports of room usage, meetings, and devices.

On the hardware side of things, Dell Meeting Space Solutions have a variety of options, including two 55-inch 4K Dell monitors, one of which supports touch, an 86-inch 4K Dell monitor, or a 75-inch Dell monitor. The systems also include a Logitech Tap Controller, a Logitech Rally Conferencecam and Speakers, and Logitech Jumpstart Support. The Logitech rally Conferencecam features 15x zoom and RightSight auto-reframing technology. The exact hardware depends on the size of the configuration you choose.

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