Clubhouse partners with TED for exclusive chats

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Now that there are a lot of audio-only social networks and features coming up in the market, the “original” Clubhouse will need to step up its game in order to compete with all of them. One way that they’re doing so is by partnering with other networks and content providers to bring more content to the social audio platform. The latest partnership that they’re entering into is with TED, one of the most popular podcast networks, to bring exclusive chats and content in the next few months.

The Verge talks about the partnership between Clubhouse and TED which starts with their first room called Thank Your Ass Off which will run weekly every Monday at 11AM ET. They will be adding more rooms on TED’s Clubhouse club soon which on top of their existing podcasts will give them more access to their fans and followers. These live audio chats and regular Q&As will give them the chance to have better audience interaction which is lacking on the podcast platform.

TED is also allowed to sell brand partnerships or ads on their rooms and Clubhouse will not take a cut from what they’ll get. They’re already a success on the podcasting front after launching its Audio Collective earlier this year so we know they already know how to do audio and they have a loyal following as well. Clubhouse can benefit from this as TED will be bringing over their listeners into this new, more interactive platform.

With audio platforms/features now becoming more prevalent, the battle comes down to getting talent and exclusive content. Spotify’s Greenroom will most likely be used by podcasters already on the platform while Facebook is locking down talents as well or its Live Audio Rooms. Some are also relying on their built-in audience like Twitter’s Spaces and soon-to-be-launched features on LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, and even reddit.

If you’re a TED podcast listener, you can join their Clubhouse club and the Thank Your Ass Off room to see, or rather hear, what things will look like. They’ll eventually announce other rooms that they’ll be hosting on the platform.

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