Clamshell Galaxy Fold will also get 108MP and 5x zoom cameras

There’s a lot of evidence to support the theory now that the Galaxy S11 will feature a 108-megapixel primary camera sensor. It’s going to be accompanied by a 5x optical zoom camera and a ToF sensor. That’s going to take the device’s camera game to the next level.However, it appears that this new technology will be utilized for the clamshell Galaxy Fold as well. Samsung is expected to unveil a foldable smartphone in the clamshell form factor early next year. The clamshell Galaxy Fold is reportedly going to get the same 108MP and 5x optical zoom cameras as the Galaxy S11.Samsung is on a camera offensive against the competitionA Bloomberg report today confirms the 108MP and 5x optical zoom cameras and an ultrawide angle lens for the Galaxy S11 based on information from people familiar with Samsung’s plans. The report mentions that the Galaxy S11 will have four cameras at the back.It is as yet unknown what that fourth sensor will be for. The device is also said to have a ToF sensor like the one on the Galaxy Note 10+ for enhanced depth detection. This isn’t the surprising bit in the report as we have all had this expectation for a while now.The interesting bit is that both the high-resolution primary camera sensor and the 5x optical zoom camera are also going to feature on the next foldable smartphone. Samsung is expected to unveil the clamshell Galaxy Fold alongside the Galaxy S11 in February next year. The report mentions that this 5x zoom module was developed by Samsung Electron-Mechanics and its production began earlier this year.It looks like Samsung will be shooting for glory with the camera setup on its upcoming devices. We have already confirmed exclusively that the Galaxy S11 will also be capable of recording 8K video. Samsung will be offering camera features that its rivals don’t. The iPhone in particular, which isn’t expected to get a 5G variant until late next year, will seem ill-equipped on paper and that’s a perception that would work in Samsung’s favor.Samsung has also taken the lead on foldable smartphones and following a good response for the original Galaxy Fold, the company is now looking to establish its dominance in this sector. It plans to ship as many as 6 million foldable smartphones in the coming year. The clamshell Galaxy Fold just might be its first mass-market foldable phone as it’s expected to cost around $850. The second-iteration of the existing Galaxy Fold is likely to be unveiled in August 2020 alongside the Galaxy Note 11.Are you excited to see what advancements Samsung has made in the camera department? Share your thoughts about this with us in the comments below.

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