Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gets new ‘Drop Zone and Snowfight’ modes

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a gaming institution. The original single-player story and the multiplayer experience were a masterclass in how to make a first-person shooter and now Activision is hoping it can make lightning strike twice.

If you’re playing the game over the holidays, you’ll be happy to know that it got two new modes called Snowfight and Drop Zone. Both are a lot of fun so be sure to check them out. Apart from that, there’s a double experience (XP) event going on until December 27, and the earn rate has also gone up. Take a look at the statement Activision sent us about the game.

A quick heads up on a few updates to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week. Live today in-game are two new modes: Snowfight and Drop Zone. Double XP and double tier earn rate is also turned on from now through December 27 at 10 AM Pacific.

What do you think of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Let us know. It’s quite a fun and intense multiplayer experience, and may just be the best Call of Duty game yet.

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