Android 11 to remove 4GB limit on video recording

Android 11 4K Video Recording

We haven’t really witnessed this but some people who already tried Android 11 have been saying the new version has a 4GB limit on video recordings. This can be bothersome to those who use their Android devices for such function. Apparently, some people noticed the cap and started complaining about it. Google said it would make the fix on Android 11 Beta. The new version has been released and true enough it will be gone for good soon. To be honest, it doesn’t matter if files get cut at 4GB but, of course, there are those that prefer continuous recording.

The old limit has since been resolved but a recent update brings back. We’re not sure how and why but Android 11 developer previews showed the cap. It’s also in Beta 1 but it should be removed soon.

The Google Camera app still resulted in the split 4GB files when recording. Other similar apps like Filmic Pro also showed the same thing. Other video apps don’t follow the limit, though, like Open Camera by Mark Harman. The reason could be the APIs used on the apps.

Android Beta 1’s limit on video recording should be removed. If you’re a developer working on a video app, make sure you have the latest APIs and everything. This way, your app will be able to present the latest features and improvements.

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