Spotify now lets you share music on Facebook Stories (again)

While the Instagram Stories sharing function of Spotify has been pretty useful for a lot of users, one function has been missing and is highly-requested: sharing to Facebook Stories. Okay, it’s not really been requested by music lovers but it looks like Facebook is giving it to users anyway. Well, actually they’re giving it back since they took away that feature previously for no reason at all. The important thing now, if you’re a huge Facebook Stories person, is that you will be able to share music directly from Spotify again.

The Facebook Stories integration is pretty similar to the Instagram one. Viewers of your Stories will be able to hear 15-second song previews of the tracks that you share there. And if they want to listen to the rest of the song, they can tap on the “Play on Spotify” button and if they already have Spotify installed on their device, it will take them directly to the app. They will probably be prompted to download it if they don’t have it yet. The preview only works for single tracks but not for albums, playlists, or artist profiles.

Those who are heavy users of Facebook Stories will obviously benefit from this new, or new-ish feature but it might also prove useful for artists and their social media teams as this will be another way for them to promote new music to fans and potential fans. The app sharing feature on Spotify itself is used heavily to post their content across various social media and so adding this option is a bonus, especially if their audience is still very much on Facebook.

According to Tech Crunch, having the Spotify sharing option to Instagram Stories has been beneficial to both brands. It has made users’ Stories “more engaging” and it has also increased the traffic back to Spotify, letting users discover more new artists and new music from their favorites.

To bring music to your Facebook Stories, just tap on the Share button on the song, album, playlist, or artist profile that you want to share and then choose Stories as your destination. You can customize the Story the usual way with the various editing tools, text, GIFs, filters, etc.

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