Samsung Galaxy A90 5G debuts a first mid-ranger with 5G, DeX

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Market

The Samsung Galaxy A90 was first leaked back in February. We were told it would boast a sliding-rotating camera system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, ToF sensor, and a notchless Infinity display. It was said to be an ‘Ultimate Gaming Device’. Soon, we saw image and video renders surface online. And then it was confirmed there won’t be any sliding camera. Fast forward to a couple of months later, we excited noted the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G phone would be announced soon. The 5G reference was a new addition and true enough, the new Galaxy A Series is a 5G phone.

This is the first time we’re hearing about a mid-range 5G phone and we’re glad it’s from Samsung. You can say the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is almost premium if we are just to look at the 5G connectivity. As with most Galaxy A devices, this one is made for those in the ‘Era of Live’. The phone is for the digital natives that are always-on-the-go and always want to be connected.

People want the essentials and yet still want to keep their purchases to a minimum. The Galaxy A phone already answers to most consumers’ needs for a powerful and speedy phone with an excellent quality camera and long battery life. Device display must also be big enough for a more immersive viewing and gaming experience.

Apart from the 5G connectivity, this Samsung Galaxy A90 will also feature Samsung DeX– a first for the Galaxy A Series. Samsung DeX is usually a special feature of premium Galaxy flagships but a mid-range phone is now getting it. Along with Microsoft’s Your Phone app, you can be more productive as you can freely and easily use the Galaxy A90 5G for school, work, or business.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G will be available first in South Korea beginning tomorrow, September 4. Choose between white or black. You will notice the geometric pattern on the back glass is unique and attractive. No information on pricing yet but we’ll let you know soon.

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