Samsung celebrates five decades of innovation at IFA 2019 with new products

Samsung is commemorating its 50th anniversary at IFA 2019 in Berlin. It conducted a press conference today as part of the trade show to talk about the advancements in connectivity and innovation that it has made over the past five decades.Never one to rest on its laurels, Samsung also talked about its plans for the future. Samsung is expanding its 5G device footprint with the launch of the Galaxy A90 5G and the Galaxy Fold 5G. It aims to bring QLED 8K technology to the masses with an entirely new lineup of QLED 8K TVs. Innovative new home appliances were on the agenda as well.Samsung at IFA 2019Samsung introduced the Galaxy A90 5G at IFA 2019. This is the company’s first non-flagship smartphone with 5G support and it’s already been launched in South Korea. The company confirmed that the Galaxy A90 5G is going to be available in Europe from October. With the Galaxy Fold being launched this week as well, Samsung confirmed that the foldable smartphone will be available in select markets across Europe from September 18. It’s also going to make a 5G variant available in some markets.The company talked about the success that it has seen with its QLED 8K TV lineup. Ever since it was launched last year, total purchases of QLED TVs have gone up 200 percent year-over-year. More than two million units were sold globally in the first half of this year. Samsung has launched a new 55 inch QLED 8K TV to make this cutting-edge technology a bit more attainable for the masses. It will complement Samsung’s existing range of 65, 72, 82 and 85-inch QLED 8K models. The 55-inch model will be available globally starting in September.Samsung also announced that it’s bringing the BESPOKE refrigerators to Europe. These refrigerators have been designed as modular units which allows them to seamlessly blend into various spaces with multiple sizing options ranging from single-door to four-door designs. Other home appliances include a Dual Cook Steam Oven, an air purifier with the world’s first Wind-Free purification system, and an AirDresser which resembles a wardrobe or vertical mirror.IFA 2019 attendees can experience all of the new products at the Samsung Electronics Booth at Level 2, City Cube Berlin from September 6 to 11.

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