The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker will get a release this year – the company has announced in its quarterly earning call.

David Cui, Chief Financial Officer at Huami, was asked whether the Mi Band 4 was scheduled for a March or April release. His answer revealed that while we’re unlikely to see the new fitness tracker in the next few weeks, Xiaomi was planning when to drop its updated band.

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“For Mi Band 4, it’s going to be in this year. It will be in 2019. But I’m not sure, it’s going to be in March and April. But, it is going to be in this year,” he said on the earnings call, transcribed by Motley Fool.

So what will we get? Details are light – but David Cui reaffirmed that each generation of the enduringly popular fitness tracker has introduced something new – and that would be the same with the Mi Band 4.

“Each generation we learn something, we always do better. And Mi Band 3, we — you can take a look at 2018’s volume, right. So it’s really much better as compared to previous version. So we expect Mi Band 4 will be a similar – will have similar trend. So once we launch Mi Band 4, we expect that product will sell well,” he said.

This could easily point to ECG or similar features being introduced. Xiaomi has long followed Apple and Fitbit’s lead – albeit at far more attractive price points – and has reaped the benefits, taking a huge share of the fitness tracker market. And it’s not one to woo its customers with nuances around its platform and algorithms. Xiaomi talks hardware advances, so we’d expect to see something eye-catching.

So what else did we learn on the call? Well, Huami and Xiaomi together – which covers the Amazfit line of devices including Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor 2, Amazfit Stratos and others, are smashing itm when it comes to sales. The company grew revenues by 78% in 2018, “propelled primarily by the strong sales of Amazfit’s smartwatches and the Mi Band 3 that we launched in June 2018.”

And it could be the success of the Mi Band 3 that dictates when the Mi Band 4 is released:

“Right now, Mi Band 3 is still hot sale — is still — so really, really well. The margin is not shrinking, the shipments are not shrinking. So we will pick — work with Xiaomi to pick the right time to launch Mi Band 4 in the year,” said David Cui.

Watch this space for updates, but Huami and Xiaomi are putting huge pressure on the likes of Fitbit, Garmin and, to a lesser extent, Apple. And that shows no signs of letting up.

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